Friday, March 18, 2011

September 15th, 2006 Part IV

Dessert Buffet

I raced home, changed outfits, and made sure the dessert buffet was ready to go, while Paul schmoozed and stalled guests at the shul. Then, at 10:00 PM, everyone arrived and the party began.

Paul had been able to successfully hook up the karaoke machine to the projection and surround sound system in the Commons Room, and the kids that game played pool, air hockey, ping pong, and foosball.

The dessert buffet consisted of the following:

Torah-shaped cake made from two chocolate jelly roll cakes with chocolate filling and a white 9x13” cake cut in half and filled with the same chocolate filling. The two jelly rolls were placed on either end of the 9x13” cake to represent an open Torah scroll and the two round ends. I then covered all of the cake with white icing, inserted wooden dowels in the four ends of the jelly rolls to mimic the handles of the Torah, and attempted to write ‘Mazel Tov Beorn’ on the 9x13” part.

I did have a picture taken after the cake was iced, but before it was decorated. A picture was taken after it was decorated, but the cake had also been cut into at that point.

I also had two coconut layer cakes with coconut cream cheese frosting, two key lime pies, red velvet cream cheese brownies, a double chocolate mocha trifle, and chocolate fondue with frozen cheesecake, marshmallows, maraschino cherries, pineapple, and mini cream puffs to dip in it.

Finally, I had a sundae bar with chocolate, vanilla, or orange and cream ice cream (Beorn’s favorite) with cake cones, sugar, cones, and waffle cones, as well as various toppings and syrups.

Of course soda and coffee was available for all who wanted.

We wrapped up the party at midnight (short and sweet, B’H), and stayed up until 2:00 AM cleaning up the Commons Room, starting the crockpot oatmeal, and setting up what we could of the brunch for the same out of town relatives and guests that came to Friday night.

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